Days Off: The number of days after you see a time, but before the next game you would like to see. Useful for taking in other sights and for long distances between cities
Max Days: What is the maximum number of days from the first game to the last game.
Start Date: The earliest date that you would like to see a game.
End Date: The last date that you would like to see a game.
Allow Switching... : Allows you to try all combinations for regions where two or more teams or stadiums are in realatively close proximity. Checking this box will vary the order of close teams to help find a match for your trip search. For example, if you wanted to see the Brewers, Cubs and WhiteSox in three days a regular search will give seven dates that you could make that trip. Checking this box expands the number of trip options to fifty-three.
miles apart: Teams closer together than this distance will be searched as a groups. Only works if Allow switching is checked.
Match reverse trip: Simply reverses the order of the teams selected to try to obtain more search results.
Major League Parks: Link to a map of US and Canada with locations of baseball stadiums included.