Lynchburg Hillcats - Home Games 2024Stadium:  Bank of the James Stadium
Address:  3180 Fort Ave, Lynchburg, VA 24501
Phone:  434-528-1144
DateTime (Local Time)OpponentTickets
Apr 23rd - Tue1:01 AMPelicansTeam Site        
Apr 24th - Wed1:01 AMPelicansTeam Site        
Apr 25th - Thu1:01 AMPelicansTeam Site        
Apr 26th - Fri1:01 AMPelicansTeam Site        
Apr 27th - Sat1:01 AMPelicansTeam Site        
Apr 28th - Sun1:01 AMPelicansTeam Site        
Apr 30th - Tue1:01 AMCannon BallersTeam Site        
May 1st - Wed1:01 AMCannon BallersTeam Site        
May 2nd - Thu1:01 AMCannon BallersTeam Site        
May 3rd - Fri1:01 AMCannon BallersTeam Site        
May 4th - Sat1:01 AMCannon BallersTeam Site        
May 5th - Sun1:01 AMCannon BallersTeam Site        
May 14th - Tue1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
May 15th - Wed1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
May 16th - Thu1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
May 17th - Fri1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
May 18th - Sat1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
May 19th - Sun1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
May 28th - Tue1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
May 29th - Wed1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
May 30th - Thu1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
May 31st - Fri1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jun 1st - Sat1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jun 2nd - Sun1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jun 11th - Tue1:01 AMGreenJacketsTeam Site        
Jun 12th - Wed1:01 AMGreenJacketsTeam Site        
Jun 13th - Thu1:01 AMGreenJacketsTeam Site        
Jun 14th - Fri1:01 AMGreenJacketsTeam Site        
Jun 15th - Sat1:01 AMGreenJacketsTeam Site        
Jun 16th - Sun1:01 AMGreenJacketsTeam Site        
Jul 1st - Mon1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jul 2nd - Tue1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jul 3rd - Wed1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jul 4th - Thu1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jul 5th - Fri1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jul 6th - Sat1:01 AMRed SoxTeam Site        
Jul 9th - Tue1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
Jul 10th - Wed1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
Jul 11th - Thu1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
Jul 12th - Fri1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
Jul 13th - Sat1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
Jul 14th - Sun1:01 AMShorebirdsTeam Site        
Jul 30th - Tue1:01 AMNationalsTeam Site        
Jul 31st - Wed1:01 AMNationalsTeam Site        
Aug 1st - Thu1:01 AMNationalsTeam Site        
Aug 2nd - Fri1:01 AMNationalsTeam Site        
Aug 3rd - Sat1:01 AMNationalsTeam Site        
Aug 4th - Sun1:01 AMNationalsTeam Site        
Aug 13th - Tue1:01 AMWood DucksTeam Site        
Aug 14th - Wed1:01 AMWood DucksTeam Site        
Aug 15th - Thu1:01 AMWood DucksTeam Site        
Aug 16th - Fri1:01 AMWood DucksTeam Site        
Aug 17th - Sat1:01 AMWood DucksTeam Site        
Aug 18th - Sun1:01 AMWood DucksTeam Site        
Aug 27th - Tue1:01 AMMudcatsTeam Site        
Aug 28th - Wed1:01 AMMudcatsTeam Site        
Aug 29th - Thu1:01 AMMudcatsTeam Site        
Aug 30th - Fri1:01 AMMudcatsTeam Site        
Aug 31st - Sat1:01 AMMudcatsTeam Site        
Sep 1st - Sun1:01 AMMudcatsTeam Site